「Japan」Land of the KIMONO

A4版100ページ カラー図版77点 本文1,000点のきものノ専門カタログです。
As it is generally Known, There has been the famous publisher in Kyoto since the Edo period.
In the middle of Meiji, “Nihon Bukkyo Shinbi Kyokai (日本仏教真美協会)” which is predecessor of “Shinbi Shoin(審美書院)” was established near Nanzenji-temple and ”Honda-Unkindo(本田雲錦堂)” which is predecessor of “Unso-do(芸艸堂)” was also established. At the same time, because of the artists for wood-block prints lived in kyoto, many art books was published.  Moreover, the catalogues of patterns of Kimono had published through the government entering the world exposition and the national industrial exhibition.  Therefore, the designers of patterns came in touch with art books and that is why various of Kimono was created.
We run the books and materials which shows the history of kimono or clothes with our lives in this book.
Please check them and if you find the one attract your attention, it would give us great pleasure.  January, 2020.  Yamazaki Sumio (Art Books Yamazaki)